Childbirth is a normal life event.

Understand the natural sensations that will accompany your labour, so you can relax, breathe, and trust in your maternity carer’s to help you achieve a positive birth.

Your body

With about 250 babies born every minute globally it is safe to say women’s bodies were designed to birth babies. Understand how your body works, gain confidence in your innate birthing ability, and learn how to effectively work with the energy of labour.


Allows the natural process of birth to unfold at its own unique pace, and supports you through any intense sensations or challenging moments. Learn how to effectively achieve and sustain a relaxed state to support your pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Your mind

Is equally as important as your body during birth, because when you feel scared or stressed during labour your body’s natural process gets thrown off track. Positively prepare your mind to give you a better birth and leave your reservations in the past.


Provides life-giving oxygen, conserves energy, promotes relaxation, maximises the effect of labour contractions, and assists the natural bearing down pulsations of your body. Acquire simple techniques to breathe correctly throughout labour and life.

Read. Watch. Listen. 

This affordable online antenatal information considers your time precious and so has been uniquely assembled to highlight the most important aspects of birth in a way that is refreshingly realistic and simple to understand.

Read the relaxed birthing kindle eBook.
Revise the key points by watching the YouTube video series.
Reinforce the information by listening to the free Insight Timer audio recordings.

I’m Desireé (BSc Psych, PDip Business, Dip Clinical Hypnotherapy), mum of three children, wife to a busy husband, a qualified therapist and Professional Member of Hypnosis New Zealand. I have collated this antenatal information to empower families to have a relaxed birthing experience.

Relaxed Birthings content has been structured for those of us who do not want to, or can not afford to, wade through hour upon hour of birth preparation content. It has been assembled to set you up for a realistic birth experience, boost your confidence and provide skills that can benefit other areas of your life. It explains:

the foundations relaxed birthing,
how the female body is designed to give birth,
exactly how stress negatively effects birth,
why and how to relax, and the importance of breathing,
and how to build confidence in your natural birthing ability.

You can also access the four part YouTube video series to revise the key points, which is a great way to get birth companions on-board. Plus free hypnotherapy-based audio recordings are available via Insight Timer to condition your body and mind to instinctively relax.

I believe that a successful birth is one that ends with a baby in your arms, no matter the path. And when you take the time to understand birth, invest in calm conditioning, adopt a positive open mind-set you and have faith in your maternity carer’s to be the medical professionals, you can trust your path will be perfect for you.

Click here to read how Relaxed Birthing fits with traditional antenatal preparation.
Click here to read how Relaxed Birthing differs from Hypnobirthing. 
Check out our posts and find some positive birth stories. 

  • “During my vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC) I listened to the relaxation audio’s, used a lot of visualisation and got my dream birth. She came within 1.5 hours of getting to the hospital all natural, I am still buzzing. So a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart I’m so glad our paths crossed.” 


  • “Labour is intense, but going in with no expectations and an understanding of how my body was working meant I could tell myself that every contraction was bringing my baby closer. The hospital staff could not believe it was my first birth as it took just 14 minutes for her to emerge. I am so grateful for the knowledge you shared with us.” 


  • “Thanks for introducing me to relaxed birthing and the personal support. I required a planned caesarean but remaining relaxed definitely helped. During the epidural I used your unique relaxation conditioning, counting down from 10 and landing in a bed of clouds!”


  • “I gained a deeper understanding of what was happening to my body during birth and with that knowledge and the relaxed birthing techniques I was able to feel more in control and calm during my induction, labour and birth. I particularly liked the relaxation audios, I found them very useful especially  in the later stages of my pregnancy to help me sleep and during my labour.”


What is included?

Relaxed birthing outlines only what you need to know about birth because your time is precious. Read the relaxed birthing eBook via Kindle. Revise the key points by watching the YouTube videos. Condition your body for a positive birth experience by listening to relaxing recordings via Insight Timer.

Do I need to be hypnotised?

Yes, but hypnosis and hypnotherapy are often misunderstood, and should be embraced not avoided. Put simply hypnosis is really just deep relaxation, and hypnotherapy pairs relaxation with therapeutic suggestions and visualisations to support what you want (in this case a relaxed birth). The audio recordings are hypnotherapy-based to condition your mind and body to instinctively relax for a positive birth experience.

Is relaxed birthing the same as Hypnobirthing?

No, although aspects of the philosophy’s are certainly aligned. However Relaxed Birthing content has been realistically assembled to perfectly prepare you for birth, while saving you time and money. Click here to learn how HypnoBirthing and Relaxed Birthing differ, then purchase the Kindle eBook to give yourself the freedom to take whatever birth path that feels right, which very possibly may include pain relief or medical intervention.

How long does it take?

There is approximately just over an hours’ worth of written material in the Kindle eBook for you to read through at your leisure. Then about half an hours’ worth of video content available via YouTube to revise the key points (which is great for birth companions to get on-board). Then relaxing audio recordings available for free via Insight Timer to condition your body and mind to instinctively relax.

Is this just for first births?

Absolutely not, because harnessing relaxation for pregnancy, labour and beyond is beneficial for all mothers – whether it is your first or fifth pregnancy. All births are different, so gaining realistic knowledge and learning to remain relaxed can give you a very different birth experience from what you may have had in the past.

Is this only for ‘natural vaginal births’?

No. Relaxed birthing techniques can be used in any kind of birth experience (natural unassisted childbirth, assisted childbirth, delivery by caesarean surgery (C-section), at home, in a birth centre, or in a hospital etc.). The aim is to understand how your body works, place trust in your caregivers to be the medical professionals, and feel empowered to make decisions during labour that are right for you.

Priced less than a cup of coffee, and accessible from anywhere, learning how to harness relaxation for birth is easier than ever.

Relaxed Birthing provides affordable access to knowledge that will build confidence in any women’s birthing ability, explains what a realistic birth experience may feel like, and promotes an open mind-set so couples can trust that their birth will be perfect for them.