I’m Desireé, a stay at home mum to a busy toddler and wife to a busy husband, and have run a part-time Hypnotherapy clinic from home. I love helping people improve their lives through guided hypnotherapy. I first encountered hypnosis as a teen at a stage hypnosis event, I learnt that I easily slipped into a dreamlike trance state, and although I felt lucid, I keenly followed the hypnotic suggestions presented to me. Flash forward twenty odd years and I now realise the full power and potential of harnessing the uninhibited mind that goes along with hypnosis.

At University I studied Psychology, Sport Science, Business Management and Human Resources, which afforded me a rather scientific view of the human condition and how behavior is driven. I learnt that the mind has so much depth and mystery that science is still unveiling truths on a daily basis. During my working life I experimented with the power of my own mind through positive thought. I threw out my alarm clock and plain told myself what time to wake up in the morning, I woke refreshed and was never late for work again. I went further and visualised the direction I wanted my career and personal life to go, and step by step I attained every goal I put out there.

I was formally introduced to hypnosis through Hypnobirthing, a powerful tool allowing the mind to be in control of our bodies. The ‘science’ of Hypnobirthing stacked up against my knowledge of the body and my experience of ‘mind over matter’. I went on to have a natural and calm birth, harnessing the breathing techniques and relaxation methods I learnt. By believing in the desired outcome it came true.

I then started tuning into others experiences of hypnosis and soon learnt that Hypnotherapy was helping people all around me in a multitude of ways. My brother had kicked his smoking habit, my friend had significantly dealt with her anxiety, and others had used regression to find hidden barriers to problems in their marriage which they then overcame. It was empowering to discover a simple method that could impact lives for the better, I was hooked.

It is undisputable that Hypnotherapy improves lives, and I am passionate about spreading the word on how others can harness the power of their own minds to reach their full potential and overcome barriers. Now that I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist trained in Suggestive Hypnotherapy I have the knowledge to help identify desired life changes and motivations and provide unique relaxation techniques using tailored suggestions to enact that change.

Currently with a young family to care for my ability to see clients is limited so I have honed my focus on Relaxed Birthing and aspire to use my knowledge and experience to prepare and empower as many families as I can to have gentle calm births.


  • Bachelor of Science, major Psychology, minor Sport and Exercise from the University of Auckland
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Business and Administration with merit in Human Resource Management from Massey University
  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy from Hypnosis New Zealand
  • Professional Member of Hypnosis New Zealand

If you’d like to learn more about relaxed birthing and how it could benefit you please get in touch.