Pregnancy and birth are miraculous, unique and possibly one of the most transformative experiences a family will ever go through. But until you have experienced the transition from a self-sufficient to dependent-lead existence what it truly involves mentally, physically and emotionally can be hard to comprehend.

Change in any capacity is challenging, and becoming a parent takes a seismic identity shift. If you are presently pregnant you are radically physically changing, you also may have started thinking about your birth, and if you’ve shared the news with others you have likely heard their experiences too. Their antidotes, your thoughts and experiences, and any associated emotions, continually shape your ideas about birth – so your mental transition into a parent has also begun.

Hearing birth stories is par for the course once you become pregnant. Yet it is less common for people to open up about how bringing a new life into your family can lead to an in-depth expose into your real morals, beliefs, and core values. Personal freedom gives way to responsibility, self-love gives way to other love. Parenthood is one of the greatest identity issues you can ever choose for yourself, so it may feel strange to talk deeply about how you feel. But taking the time to think about how your attitudes and beliefs fit into the next chapter in your life is important, because neuroscientists have proven that your body follows your mind.

Would you believe me if I told you that negative and fearful thoughts are largely responsible for most of the physical discomfort and pain experienced during labour? Sounds like a bold claim given the robust  medical procedures laid out to mitigate labour pain and intervene in the face of complications. Nevertheless – fear + stress = tension, and when a birthing mother is tense she impedes the natural rhythm of her contractions, the uterine muscles work against each other, and there is increased pain and higher risk of complications. And remember you have already started shaping your ideas about birth and parenthood, and whether you classify this junction as a perceived threat tinged with fear. On the contrary when a birthing mother is comfortably relaxed the inner and outer muscle layers of the uterus naturally work in harmony, so teaching your mind to naturally and instinctively relax especially when encountering new and intense sensations, will set you up for a more comfortable experience.

I believe all woman should be armed with the kind of knowledge that gives them confidence in their innate parenting ability. At the beginning of your journey this means being open to follow your body and your babies unique labour pace. With its philosophy firmly aligned with the widely recognised HypnoBirthing™ – The Marie Mongan Method this hypnotherapy-based calm birthing material has been uniquely condensed to explain birth in a way that is refreshingly realistic and simple to understand. It aims to help you discover how you feel about your transition to parenthood. Then you will continue your journey at home by regularly listening to various relaxation audio recordings. Like any good intervention it is up to you to make the most of the information and tools supplied, but when you invest in calm conditioning and adopt a positive open mind-set you can trust your path will be perfect for you.

Learn more about Relaxed Birthing, or get in touch if you would like to approach your birth positively with an open mind.